Quality joinery in Australian woods.

About Us

Designer Woodworks has produced quality joinery for the North Coast of NSW to South East Qld for over 18 years. By using old traditional joinery methods, we are able to service any project for the best quality outcome.

The variety of local woods available can cover all necessary building and durability regulations easily as well as locking up necessary carbon for the environment. By using locally sourced hardwoods we support our community whilst maintaining a sustainable material. This reduces carbon emissions and therefore greenhouse gases, which is far more energy efficient than concrete or steel.


We can offer a selection of door and window fittings for all openings. These are available in brass, chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel and black. We proudly use and supply Australian made Jackson's locks to support Australian industry.


Many glass options exist to meet Australian standards and thermal efficiency. Patterned, stained glass and bevelled glass are available.


When you take into consideration the energy costs of producing a material, wood is far superior to steel, concrete or aluminium. 


Having 30 years of woodworking experience from fine furniture, guitar making, boat building and on site carpentary/building I can offer my experience to enhance your project, providing the best options for thermal efficiency and practical use.

I ensure the tradesman are very particular in all details of construction, having done their apprenticeships with me. I am happy to consult and give free quotes for any joinery projects, in person or by email etc.