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Welcome to
Designer Woodworks,
where tradition meets innovation in crafting
unique timber furniture.
Our pieces, 
made from
ethically sourced
Australian timbers,
blend functionality

with exclusive design.

Click to watch the full video of our sustainable wood cycle

  plant - salvage/source - mill - dry - design - construct - finish - fine furniture 

Explore our Range

Hand-crafted fine furniture made from Australian timbers

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Z Tables
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Garden Benches
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Heading 4

Bookmarks and Pendants
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Designer of 

Fine woodworker, Garan Hale,

brings you uniquely handcrafted furniture.

Each piece combines

exquisite craftsmanship

with design flair. 


Bar Stool

Forest regeneration.jpg

Why Choose Wood?

These days building and household items can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. Of course, here at Designer Woodworks we favour timber. The natural world is full of awe-inspiring wonders, but modern life has left many of us increasingly disconnected from this world. We feel the character and colours of our beautiful, locally sourced timbers helps to reconnect us and reinforce our appreciation for nature. But wood also has many benefits.

Beautiful and detailed wood inlay by Garan Hale Designer Woodworks

Custom Orders

At Designer Woodworks we specialise in crafting bespoke wooden pieces.

View the  woodwork and custom joinery projects we've completed for other clients, and work with us to design your own special items.

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