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About Designer Woodworks

At Designer Woodworks our story is one of passion, sustainability and the timeless artistry of woodworking.

Founded by fine craftsman Garan Hale, Designer Woodworks showcases our beautiful Australian timbers. At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to re-establishing our unique, world-class cabinet timbers and the habitats they provide.


We actively reforest our property in Northern New South Wales concentrating on planting endemic species to provide a seed bank for future generations. We collect quality salvaged logs which are band milled and solar kiln dried then crafted into our fine furniture. Our furniture is designed to be used every day and to become loved furniture pieces in and around your life. By choosing Designer Woodworks, you embrace not just furniture but a sustainable lifestyle.

About Designr Woodworks
Our Values

Our Values

All the timber used to craft your furniture is ethically sourced.  Proudly family-managed, we've garnered recognition for our commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

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Excellence in Craftmanship

We are dedicated to the pursuit of craftsmanship excellence, ensuring that each piece reflects not only meticulous design but also the mastery of traditional woodworking techniques. Our commitment to quality extends beyond furniture; it's a promise to deliver enduring elegance.

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Always Sustainable

As stewards of the environment, we grow our own wood, harvest sustainably, and replant, creating a circular process that contributes to a healthier planet. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond aesthetics, ensuring that every creation embraces the beauty of nature without compromising its future.

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Inspiring Generations

We believe in leaving a legacy of inspiration. By crafting functional fine furniture from a diverse range of Australian timbers, we aim to encourage a love for craftsmanship, sustainability, and the timeless beauty of wood. 

Our Circular Approach

 plant - salvage - mill - dry - design - assemble - finish - fine furniture  

Garan's Woodworking Journey

Garan Hale's Woodworking Journey

In a world where passions are often discovered later in life, Garan Hale defied the norm. Somehow, as an eight-year old, Garan knew his direction in life was to become a woodworker.

While still at school he attended night classes with Les Miller laying the foundations for a rich life in the world of woodworking. Garan’s early dedication continued during school work-experience with Leon Sadubin at his “Woodworks” business, an experience that would lead onto an apprenticeship with Peter Adams at Sturt Craft Workshops in Mittagong. Here he developed the hand skills to make fine furniture, preparing him for a lifetime of challenging woodwork. When Peter relocated his business, Garan had the opportunity to continue his apprenticeship with Lewis and Lewis at the fine woodworking hub in Sydney. Here Garan learned the complex construction techniques of solid traditional library and legal office fitouts. The final year of Garan’s apprenticeship was a significant milestone where he was involved in the restoration of the Steam Yacht ‘ENA’ under the watchful eye of David Lockwood, chairman of the Fine Woodworkers Group. This project was one of the most intricate, traditional fine woodworking challenges in his career.

As Garan further ventured into the world of wood, he nurtured a growing passion for guitar making. He collaborated with Gerard Gilet repairing stringed instruments and making acoustic guitars. This period of six years expanded his knowledge and added to an already impressive skill set.

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Designer Woodworks was born...

Garan's journey eventually led him to settle in Kyogle. With unwavering determination, he single-handedly built a hardwood home for his growing family while working at the local timber mill. As his family grew he boldly started his own business, Designer Woodworks in the small country town of Kyogle.

Over time Designer Woodworks carved a niche as specialists in Australian timber joinery completing numerous luxury homes in the region.

Today the focus has shifted towards creating functional fine furniture from a diverse range of Australian timbers.

Desige Woodworks Was Born
Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Meet the team at Designer Woodworks - skilled artisans with a shared love for woodworking and a commitment to their craft.

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